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Masonry King offers a wide range of stonemasonry and general building services on projects of all types and sizes. From bespoke fireplaces and carvings to new house builds and extensions, we make it simpler and more cost-effective for you to achieve the results you're looking for at a price that's right. Here are just some of the specialised services we can offer. 

Landscaping & Groundwork

Garden's that are well designed add an extra room to property while increasing the value. With Masonry King this can be achieved at an affordable price.

If you have existing masonry that is tired and crumbling we will carry out fast, efficient and low cost repairs that will give your property and garden a fresh new look.


Give your garden the makeover it deserves by laying paths, building a beautifully crafted stairway to your conservatory or developing a high class patio that you will be proud to share with your friends and family when you invite them over for a bbq.

Restoration & Refurbishment

Across Scotland we see sandstone exteriors covered with concrete render, sealed with paint or patched with cement. This stops the stone from breathing and traps water in with nowhere to escape.

The best solution is to remove any products applied to the stone. Keeping them or adding new coatings just adds to the erosion and causes damp that will cost considerably more in the end.


Masonry King will remove old render and other coatings, allowing the brick to breathe once again. We use lime mortar so that water is not drawn into the brick. We will also sand, repair and replace the stone returning your building to its natural glory, ready to deal with the elements as planned by the original craftsmen.

Fireplaces & Feature Interiors

Feature fireplaces and walls are a popular trend and look amazing. What better way to beat the winter blues and create an original masterpiece.

Masonry King can build you a hand carved stone fireplace that is made to last. Built from scratch with locally sourced stone your winters will never be the same again, with your fireplace adding an attractive focal point to any room.


If you already have a fireplace that needs some love and attention we will remove walls, plaster and soot to reveal the original character as well as removing and replacing old mortar to make your fireplace glow for many years to come.

Building & extensions

If you're dreaming of a new extension or building work, make sure you use professional stone masonry services for your stone and brick works. That way you won't get caught short with work not up to scratch. 

Don't pay for work twice. Get the correct trade for the job and call us to get the job done right first time.


If you've been left with half finished or sub-standard work, help is at hand. We will give you a free consultation. We will work out how to fix any problems and give you a fair price for the job. Once hired we will do the work efficiently and to a high standard. We won't offer to do any joinery, electrics or plumbing while we're there - building and masonry are our trades and we take great pride in that.

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